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STH: Two Worlds Collide

2012-02-05 19:02:55 by Yoshiking2

For All of you dragonballz/Sonic Fans A Good friend of DemonicDragon has released a kicked ass trailer. I'd recommend you all check it out.

STH: Two Worlds Collide

For those who don't know

2012-01-15 13:14:19 by Yoshiking2

DemonicDragonY93 is keeping all messages for me. So If you have any emails or regards please email him Thank you

Megaman Jokerversary collection

New movie out called Megaman Jokerversary collection. It's not really a major project but it was something that I felt needed to be complete. So here it is. Enjoy for what it's worth.

Note: After the Banned challenge scene pause and then play the movie so the audio gets back into sync

I just want to state for the fact that i'm in South korea so our times are diffrent...very diffrent reguardless i want to wish everyone here a merry christmas and i hope you are all enjoying it...

I know this isn't much but for those who are waiting for the flash series "A goomba's life" here's a small little preview of what's going on.

A Goomba's Life - Episode 1 Preview

Enjoy everyone and have a nice new year

Uploading via brother?

2010-11-27 01:33:56 by Yoshiking2

I'm not really sure what newgrounds is doing for PC users but i can't submit movies on my pc. I just had to have my brother do it. With him 14 hours away oh well i'm glad he's there to help me when i need him to be there but i really think something should be done on newgrounds. Maybe it's some kind of hidden error that i don't know about but at least i have a way to upload again..even if it isn't through traditional means.